Arranging a Funeral

The funeral can be as formal or informal as you feel is appropriate. Sometimes the deceased will have left specific instructions, but more often than not it will be left to the family to decide on the detailed arrangements. Whatever your wishes, we will work with you to arrange a fitting and personal tribute to the person who has died.

The Funeral Service

You may know who you would like to conduct the funeral service, if not we will discuss this with you and make the necessary arrangements. These may be for a religious or a non-religious service.

It is an important part of our duties to help ensure that the service is as personal and as appropriate as possible. We will take time to discuss this with you and can provide music, suggest readings, print orders of service, place death notices and handle flowers or donations on your behalf.  If you wish we will also arrange visits to our Chapel of Rest.

It is worth mentioning that while most funerals take place in church or a crematorium chapel, there are no legal restrictions regarding the form of service, where it can be held or who can conduct it.

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