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Visual tributes at funeral services

More and more people are beginning to view funerals as a celebration of life and we’re seeing a rise in services starting to reflect this unique view.

A visual tribute can be used as a way to personalise a funeral service by sharing the stories and memories of a persons life. There are many different ways this can be done including the use of different types of media such as photographs, videos and music.

We’ve put together a brief explanation of each one to help you decide which is more suited to your service and the life you want to share.

Visual life tribute

A visual life tribute is a combination of family photos, images and home videos accompanied by your loved one’s favourite music which is then played on screen at the funeral.

This ‘life story’ tribute can complement the words of a eulogy and leave you with a lasting tribute to share with family and friends.

Photography and video recording

This involves photographers discreetly filming and recording the funeral service for those unable to attend the funeral, or for the family of the deceased to keep as a memory of an emotional day.

The photographers can capture all, or just some, elements of the funeral depending on your wishes. The idea of funeral photography can be intriguing to some and an unwanted feature to others but can be an opportunity to begin the healing process.

Online sharing

At certain venues, you can transmit live chapel proceedings via a link online, which is only accessible to an invited set of people. Using the latest network technologies, a private and secure virtual environment is created so that any absent family and friends can also view the service.


Losing a loved one is painful, but a visual tribute can remind you of the life that they lived, and ensure that everyone is able to be a part of the ceremony.

If this is something you would like for a loved ones funeral then we can help you arrange this. Give us a ring on 01329 842115, contact us online or simply pop into one of our offices in Titchfield, Botley or Park Gate and someone will be happy to help.