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Covid-19 Update

We recognise the added strain that concerns over the Coronavirus are placing on the families who lose a loved one at this time, whether that death is directly related to the virus or not. We are here to help. We continue to provide 24 hour support, but inevitably we have had to make some changes, […]

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Sound-wave tattoos

A. H. Freemantle Funeral Directors is a family run business that has been serving the local community for 150 years. With offices in Titchfield and Park Gate near Fareham, along with Botley in Hampshire, we are able to cover the southwest region. We can cater for your personal and unique requirements and offer a professional […]

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Visual tributes at funeral services

More and more people are beginning to view funerals as a celebration of life and we’re seeing a rise in services starting to reflect this unique view. A visual tribute can be used as a way to personalise a funeral service by sharing the stories and memories of a persons life. There are many different […]

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Deleting digital – how to remove your digital footprint

Consider your position in the digital world and the size of your ‘digital footprint’ in a highly progressive online world. Your digital footprint represents all the information about you that exists on the internet as a result of your online activity. This could be from what you post on social media pages, your emails to […]

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Alternative sympathy gifts instead of flowers

Sending sympathy flowers to the family of a deceased loved one is a wide-spread tradition across the UK and across the world. However, an abundance of flower arrangements can sometimes feel overwhelming for the bereaved family. Some might even start to think of it as reminiscent of the death in the weeks after the funeral. […]

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