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What to do with a loved ones ashes?

When I joined the company in 2005 we had a cupboard with ashes dating back to 1970…and we still do. In fact, in 2018 we now have 2 cupboards. 73% of all funerals A H Freemantle completed last year were cremations. For some, the ashes of a loved one hold no meaning while for others, […]

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Funeral Procession Etiquette Tips

The traffic is moving at a snail’s pace, you can’t see why, and you are frustrated. What you may not realise is that you are being held up by a hearse. Walking in front of the hearse a few weeks ago, during a funeral procession, we were overtaken by several cars. One of which passed […]

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5 tips on writing and delivering a better eulogy

A good eulogy is a personal tribute to the person who has died, summing up the key events of their life, but more importantly, describing their personality and what made them special to the people attending the funeral.

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Ways to say goodbye

It’s not an easy topic of conversation, but most families should have a discussion, at some point, to decide on what sort of funeral they would prefer.

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